Our Vision Stems From You

It is of great importance that we meet our clients’ needs in the most excellent and professional
way possible. We see our work being the talk and highlight of your day, every day

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Our Larger Landscape

Isiqwane is a company dedicated to create accessible and efficient service in marketing, promotions and travel. We have successfully found ways to merge these elements to provide unique offerings for our clients and ensure every..

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The Isiqwane Seed

Our name, “Isiqwane” is from the Xhosa African language derived from the beautiful South African national flower – the Protea. The word protea came from a Greek god, Proteus who was known for his ability to change form or shape at will..

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Our Scent On A Mission

Isiqwane aims to impact and influence organisations as well as people to gain a fresh and evolving perspective of South Africa and ultimately of themselves as individuals. Through our advanced marketing strategies and travel solutions we would like to see companies revived, events booming and people exploring unchartered regions all around us..